Where to apply for online credit?

As the word says, online credit is offered online. To do this, both the lender and the loan seeker must be online, or at least have an internet connection. This is the case with online credit providers without exception; but not for those who want to apply for a loan. Only those who have direct online access can apply for an online loan.

This means own Internet access; either as a landline connection, or mobile via a notebook, netbook, tablet or a cell phone such as a smartphone. The online bank requires an e-mail address for information and data exchange. The loan seeker himself must also be able to print out received files such as a loan agreement, postident form and other documents.

In this case, reading and editing alone is not sufficient. In summary, it should be noted that the online loan can only be applied for by a selected group of people. If you are not online, you have to make use of the local savings bank or local bank loan offer.

German and foreign online banks on the Internet

German and foreign online banks on the Internet

The credit institutions as universal banks are divided into the branch and savings banks, the direct banks and the online banks. The direct and online banks operate from a single location, i.e. without a nationwide or regional branch network. Online banks only communicate online.

Only original documents such as credit contracts, account statements or Postident confirmation will be exchanged in printed form by post. Otherwise emails are written and files are sent. Direct banks work similarly. The focus here is on direct contact between the bank and the customer, rather than online communication. The way foreign online banks work is comparable to that in Germany.

Online credit quickly and cheaply

Online credit quickly and cheaply

Another plus for online credit is the cheap effective interest rate. This can also be offered because online banks have a literally lean business structure compared to branch companies with main branches and branches. The personnel and administrative costs are very low. These saved expenses, which in the end have the same effect as additional income, are not retained as profits, but are passed on to online customers through favorable credit terms.

That is what makes online credit so interesting and in demand. Online also means fast. Many operations are automated and schematic. Short decision-making processes and flat hierarchies at the online banks accelerate loan processing. These advantages are particularly beneficial for loan seekers as online customers.

Compare online loans with online calculators

Compare online loans with online calculators

Today, the number of online banks is large, and the range of online loans is correspondingly diverse. The branch companies also offer the possibility to apply for a loan online. However, this is not an online loan in the sense that the organizational structure of the credit institution does not correspond to that of an online bank.

Therefore, when comparing credit using the comparison calculator, the online loan on the one hand and the online offer of branch banks and savings banks on the other should be separated. Such a comparison is offered free of charge on the Internet and makes it easier for loan seekers to decide which online loan is the cheapest for them.

An online loan should therefore only be requested from the online bank. Here the customer can choose between an online loan with Credit Bureau and without Credit Bureau. This is not the case for branch companies and direct banks; they are a Credit Bureau business partner and only grant loans online with Credit Bureau.

Bad credit credit – money instantly

In order to obtain a loan, the bank will examine the applicant’s credit rating very carefully. Several factors will be considered in this review. After all, banks need a guarantee that the borrower will meet their payment obligations. On the one hand, the banks check how the customer’s past compliance with payment obligations was. All the necessary information is contained in the Credit bureau information.

The other check, which is also a little more extensive, includes the factors of whether the borrower can pay the loan installments. This is how income is checked. Not only is the amount important, but it is compared with the expenses that the borrower has. Only if there is a difference here that can be used to easily pay the installments, will this part of the credit check also be completed and enable a loan.
It is important that all the facts of the credit check have to speak for the customer at the banks in Germany. No matter how small a problem in the credit check, it will quickly be the case that the loan can only be paid out at extra cost or not at all.

The problem with online loans and poor creditworthiness

The problem with online loans and poor creditworthiness

It clearly shows that an online loan with a poor credit rating is difficult to obtain from a bank. The reason for this is that any existing problems cannot be discussed with the employee and other measures can be initiated. The banks’ rejection rarely includes a “why”, so that the person in need of credit has no choice but to accept the rejection. As a rule, the online banks all work according to the same pattern:

  • Credit request,
  • Preliminary check of the request,
  • Cancellation or sending of the contract documents

Anyone who receives a rejection will not be able to explain anything else with their salary statements. There is a problem, for example, if a loan seeker has a temporary employment contract. Under this condition, the banks reject a credit request very quickly or the loan term is set according to the time limit. This quickly shows that the monthly installments are very expensive, which can rarely be mastered. With a statement by an employee of the bank, the fixed-term employment relationship, which is actually commonplace today, could be explained and, if necessary, a transfer agreement could already be shown.

The possibilities to get an online loan with a bad credit rating

The possibilities to get an online loan with a bad credit rating

Those who know the problem in their own creditworthiness can act. Banks need to be offered more security in order to meet their credit needs. If you have a negative entry in the Credit bureau, you have to search for a Credit bureau-free loan. Those with a low income have to increase their income with a second borrower or a guarantor.

Loans from private to private.

Personal to private loans have been around for a long time. What is new in this sector, however, is that they can be obtained safely over the Internet. Personal loans are actually also small loans that are given out among friends. There is usually no need to provide collateral, such as Credit bureau information, etc., because it is a favor among friends or acquaintances. Those who do not want to be exposed to financial difficulties in front of others can also get a loan from private individuals on the Internet.

Advantages of personal loans

Advantages of personal loans

Many people who do not get a loan in any other way see a personal loan as an opportunity to meet their credit needs. It is true that the providers promise a loan without much security. Be it that the Credit bureau query is dispensed with, or that even a low income can help with a loan. These options are especially made for people who have problems here.

The other benefit that many see is that they get a cheaper loan. Interest premiums, precisely because the banks only grant a loan with a risk interest, do not apply. As a rule, there is a possibility that the loan interest can be freely negotiated between the two parties. This means that overpriced loans do not have to be accepted.

Online platforms are the best option for a personal loan

Online platforms are the best option for a personal loan

If you are looking for a secure loan, the online platforms are the right place for you. There is always a bank in between to pay out the money and also with the repayment agreements. On the one hand, the borrower can securely receive the loan amount. On the other hand, the lender will also be given greater certainty that the money will be repaid.
The process of a personal loan on one platform:

  • Make a loan request,
  • potential lenders “bid” on the loan amount,
  • if the loan amount is reached, the loan amount is paid out,
  • Loan repayments are conveniently made to a bank in monthly installments

With the online platforms, it can be seen that although they have some security features, ultimately the lenders always decide whether the offered ones are sufficient to withdraw the money. Credit bureau information does not always have to be provided. It is also not absolutely necessary to provide proof of salary or a deposit in the form of a vehicle registration certificate. It only increases the chances of being paid out and should be placed that way.

Instant Money Loans – Solve your emergency

Instant money loans! Are you looking for money to solve an emergency? It is normal to have the need to apply for a loan that helps you overcome various unforeseen events (family emergencies, personal or health problems). To do this you can apply for an online loan, an ideal service for all types of situations. Online credits are a fast, reliable and disbursement application system in approximately 24 hours.


Where can I apply for a loan online instantly?

loan online instantly?

To request a loan in moments, you don’t have to go any further, in Fine Bank you will find the best service to request the money you need and cover any urgency you have, from a medical problem, the payment of any invoice or even invite someone to dinner.

You should not worry about having a financial history to apply for your credit, in Fine Bank we will not ask you to have a credit history nor that you do not have any reports at risk centers. Our service is made so you can start building your credit life with us.

Fine Bank is a leading product in the online loan market in Colombia and a high representative of the Fintech sector throughout Latin America. We are your perfect option to request that money you require, with a completely online service and instant response.


How to apply for a loan of money in moments?

Applying for a loan online is very easy, although you should always be clear about some aspects before applying.


5 things to keep in mind to apply for a loan instantly.

loan instantly

1. Be clear about the value you want to request. When applying for a loan, it is important that you always be clear about the amount you need, this will help you avoid borrowing more from the account or falling into arrears that you do not need.

2. The term to which you must cancel your credit. Not all companies give the same time to pay the amount requested. In the online loan market, a general standard of 30 days is used to cancel the value of the requested credit.

3. Check all the requirements they ask for. All entities have different requirements for an application, so it is important that you keep them in mind.

In the case of Fine Bank are these:

  • Be of legal age and have a card.
  • Colombian residence
  • Have a savings or checking bank account in your name.
  • Cell phone number and email for personal use.

Remember to have each of the requirements, so you will avoid having problems during your application.

The cartoons and interests of the service.

4. All credit systems handle different charges that are awarded for their service and it is important that you be clear about what will be charged and in what period you must cancel it. In the same way, pay attention to the conditions on the collection in these terms and what happens if you exceed the maximum payment term.

5. You should always be aware of the communication by the company. Being a mainly virtual service, instant money loans online must be clearly validated and confirmed with the applicant to avoid fraud and inconsistencies in the information, and the main means of contact that is handled with customers is by email or in Some cases by cell line.


Online loans are a service that has gradually gained strength as an alternative to traditional ones, not only in Colombia but throughout the world. Its ease when requesting them, the quick response time, the comfortable amounts they handle and their security, has caused these types of credit to become popular in an audience that increasingly has better and easier access to new technologies. .

Being a relatively new service, you may have several doubts about them, both for their safety, as the costs of requesting or the speed of the service; Given this, from Lite Lender, your leading online loan company, we want to solve some doubts you may have.

7 very common questions when applying for loans online.

1. Are online loans safe?

1. Are online loans safe?

Yes , online loans have been established as one of the most secure virtual processes at the moment, both at the time of your request and in your disbursement or at the time of payment, before this, when you are applying for your loan or any other virtual procedure you can be in total confidence about the security of your information and money.

When applying for your loan online, it is important that you verify that the entity where you request it is duly registered in the Chamber of Commerce. You should also know which are the various entities that control it (In Colombia they are the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce or the financial one) and check that the page has all the digital protection measures.


2. What interest rate do I charge for the loan?

As with traditional lending entities, online platforms also have an independent interest rate adjusted to the financial regulations of each country, as well as the collection of insurance and an administrative charge. It is important to emphasize that in online loans additional charges are generated for the management of the technology platform. Before making your request, you must be clear about all the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be charged with the credit, remember that the entity that grants you the loan is obliged to inform you about them.


3. What requirements do you ask me to apply for the loan?

credit loan

The requirements to apply for the loan may vary from entity to entity, but as it is an online procedure, you will generally be asked to meet the following requirements:

  • Email.
  • Contact cell number
  • Bank account.
  • Be of age.
  • Reside in the country where the entity works.


4. Is it necessary to approach an office?

4. Is it necessary to approach an office?

No , the main advantage of online credits is that, which are online, so you should not approach any office to carry out any procedure.


5. How long does it take to respond?

5. How long does it take to respond?

Another advantage of online loans is its quick response on the status of your application, which is approximately 15 minutes after you have completed the form.

Keep in mind: The response to the loan application is independent of the money disbursement process, which is determined by the additional procedures that the entity must perform, as well as with the other processes carried out by the banking entities.


6. Do you need to have a financial history to apply for a loan online?

6. Do you need to have a financial history to apply for a loan online?

No , online loans stand out for being a very easy way to enter the credit world and create a financial history, giving people with no financial or little profile the opportunity to apply for small amounts of money.


7. Where can I apply for a loan online?

7. Where can I apply for a loan online?

For your online loan applications we want to invite you to get to know Lite Lender, we are the leading online financial services platform for people throughout Colombia.

With Lite Lender you can request credit quotas ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000, but remember that if it is the first time you make an application with us, the maximum amount you can get to request is $ 600,000.

The term to cancel a loan with Lite Lender is a maximum of 30 days, at the end of which you must pay the total value in a single installment. If you want to apply for a loan with us, just click on “ Request your credit ” and you can start your process, and in only 15 minutes you will have an answer to your request.

Instant credit with lightning transfer.


Demo Lender banks usually transfer an instant loan within two bank working days. The Lite lender company is an additional banking service and is officially referred to as Prior 1 transfer. It is received in the recipient’s bank account within a few minutes.

The instant loan is ideal when money is needed quickly

The instant loan is ideal when money is needed quickly

The application for an instant loan with lightning transfer is useful if the borrower needs the money quickly. For the fast money transfer, there are additional costs of at least fifteen euros, which the borrower has to pay in addition to the usual loan costs. The Lite lender company accelerates the cash payment by a single bank working day, since the credit is provided and customary within the bank day following the transfer. A financial institution licensed in Germany can release the money for an instant loan with lightning transfer as soon as the receipt for the postident procedure has been received in addition to the completed and signed loan application.

It follows from the regulation on identity verification that a day usually passes between the application for a loan and the transfer. Acceleration is possible if the bank’s loan applicant is already known from a previous business relationship and the postident procedure is therefore not necessary. Taking out an instant loan is ideal for applicants whose income consists of various components. In order to enable the quick payment of money, various lenders refrain from submitting wage slips. Credit customers are not allowed to deliberately give false salary information, but can add up all income components without the bank reducing the labor income relevant for the household account by not recognizing individual items.

A Infra banking license enables even faster cash payments

A Luxembourg banking license enables even faster cash payments

Financial institutions licensed in Infra can pay off an instant credit application with a wire transfer immediately upon receipt of the credit application so that their customers receive the money they want within a few hours. The reason for the simplification of loan processing is that a Infra banking license allows the recognition of a copy of the identity card as proof of identity.

Despite the desired fast cash payment, loan seekers carry out a price comparison online in order to receive a cheap instant credit with lightning transfer. The additional performance of the fast payment leads to an increased interest rate in the case of instant loans compared to loans with a normal processing time. This is not too high if the borrower invests the time to compare the borrowing costs before submitting the loan application.